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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shaking out the rust and dust.

Things I learned from my race on Friday night.

  1. Running hard does not qualify as racing but it will get out the rust and dust.
  2. Racing a mile on a 200 meter indoor track can feel sooooo long!
  3. The baton is not THAT scary. 
  4. Expect track hack.
  5. I LOVE racing in any form. 
  6. I like winning.

Although a rewind button would be nice, Friday night's race was a great work piece. Now, I have my legs back under me and my focus in the right spot. More motivated than ever to keep putting the work in and do all the extras.

On that note, time for my long run. Sixty degrees and calm out. Breaking out the short sleeves and shorts! 

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