Monday, September 26, 2011

The weekend, a condensed version.

A few Idaho gals
On Saturday morning I woke up ready to roll. After choking down a peanut butter and honey sandwich at 6 am, I went through my pre-race routine. This included, cuddling with my dog for 15 minutes, taking a "poor man's" ice bath for 20 minutes, rolling on tennis balls for 10 minutes and then taking a time-to-wake-up shower. I left the house with a cup of coffee in hand, ready.

True to past experience, the warm up was anything but comfortable as I chatted with myself out loud to let some of my nerves out and talk myself to calm. Sometimes reminding yourself out loud why you run and that, yes, you enjoy it (most of the time) helps to keep things in perspective. Or just makes you look a little crazy and that is fine too.

The Women's Fitness Celebration is the single largest race in Boise. Capitol Boulevard that morning was alive with estrogen and let-it-all-out dance moves. I smiled as I did my drills and strides, the energy was incredible. When the gun went off, my nerves went with it. That is the feeling I live for-the complete control and confidence that comes when you race off the line, perfectly prepared and engaged in YOUR race.

The past week of training had been intense, more mileage and intensity than I had ever done so I knew that I was relying on fitness and strength to get me through the race-not freshness. But I had both and it translated to a race that I was happy with. Not only with the result but most of all with the process of achieving the result. As with every race I have ever run, I over-evaluate the process and find things I could have and should have done differently but isn't that why we keep coming back for more? I believe that the day I stop doing that is the day I stop competing.

my ice bath creek-about 40 degrees
After finishing the race, cooling down and getting in a session of DST (dynamic strength training) I took off to the mountains for my ice bath. Okay, I did not go solely for that purpose but it was a good excuse to get away. Sunday morning's long run at 6700 feet was a perfect recovery and start to the morning-the view wasn't bad either. Another reminder why I love and will always be a runner.

Sawtooth moutains, long run view

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  1. WTH?!?! Haha I guess I had left Stanley by then, but I would have loved to run with you! See you sooooon!