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Monday, July 25, 2011

Balance and PB & J: Part 1

For me it's important to be in balance. To not let fear get in the way of things, to not worry so much about protecting yourself all the time. 
John Frusciante 

This weekend was all about balance for me, being out of balance and being in it. It was also about my rediscovering an old classic, PB & J. 

Thursday was the true beginning on this balancing act - the part of throwing myself off kilter. A rocking concert, too much to drink, too little to eat, and too late of a night. I woke up Friday morning kicking myself in the teeth for letting good times get the best of me. Instead of waking up early to get my workout in - I woke up early, only to go back to bed and then worked all day on getting myself to a point where I could run and not hurl. My plans to leave for my backpacking trip Friday were shot and I spent the entire day trying to regain physical balance. 

As a twisted sort of punishment, I did my workout at 3 pm in 90 degrees. Have I mentioned that I am often extremely logical in making decisions? After a short warm up I reluctantly delved right into my 2k on the track. The workout called for me to run a nice tempo effort at 6 minute pace - which I did (7:26 to be exact) - but it was not nearly as comfortable as it should have been. After completion, a sudden drop in my gut had me rushing to the bathroom. Hurdle mobility drills and DST rounded out the session and my misery was replaced with feelings of satisfaction. 

Saturday morning I got an early start (6am) and headed toward Stanley, Idaho for a hiking/camping jaunt with Drake. The sun lit up the mountain sides and the river was swift and swirling as I drove toward escape. Balance was on my mind as I drove. Thoughts of my training were on my mind, wondering if I should be staying home, getting a run in instead of going hiking. As an athlete, we make so many sacrifices for our sport and I began wondering if this was a time for one of those sacrifices. But, balance is also a part of sport and in order for my mind, body, and spiritual self to be balanced I needed time alone, in the mountains, no distractions. 

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