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Friday, July 22, 2011

Back on track

Literally, I was back on the track the other night and it felt so right...okay, sounds a little like an 80's pop song but to my point, I am back!

10 x 200 never felt so freeing. With the wind whipping a cool mist from nearby sprinklers across the back side of the track, I was smiling as I ran. Of course, I may have just been entertained by the three little Hispanic kids trying to race me without me knowing. When I asked them if they were racing me one of the boys (about 9 years old) said, "I'm outta shape! How do you keep running all those? I can't catch you and you're just jogging!" If :34's look like jogging, I MUST be doing something right (hee hee hee).

After the short workout (:45 standing rest between) I was feeling slightly better about my fitness - right workout for the right time. I followed up the session with hurdle mobility drills and some plyometrics and then a short cool down in the neighboring field with my puppy dog, Drake. While I ran I waited for my leg to start acting up but aside from a general soreness, nothing out of the ordinary. *sigh of relief*

My massage yesterday was encouraging as well. Although my left leg was still tighter and knotted up than my right it was less so than it has been. Hey, I'll take what I can get as far as good news.

Is it just me or does everyone tend to slack off on doing the things that got them back to healthy once they are back on track? Maybe this once, I won't. Well...I can dream.

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