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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Before the Sun

It is 11 am and my inner hobbit is once again coming out in the form of second breakfast.

The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning and while I will admit I did not actually get out of bed until 5:33, it was too damn early. I had some coffee and choked down a GU while I did some work. Then at 6:10 it was off to meet some of the C of I kids for a workout. As I left the house, I looked at Drake snuggled up next to the heater and for a split second wanted to trade places with my dog. The sun had yet to show it's face-it was 29 degrees.

In typical fashion, I warmed up with the kids for 20 minutes to Brothers park, followed by drills, shoe change, and a couple of strides. The sprinklers were shut off (thank god) so the 800 meter grass loop was perfectly frosted and ready for running feet. The workout was a fun one-aside from not being able to see where the turns were for the first half-2:00 at race effort/1:00 easy run, continuous for 8 laps (4 miles).

I felt light and quick. My toes were completely frozen but I barely noticed until I finished. My only complaint was that I did not eat enough dinner last night. I was STARVING! Kind of sick to my stomach because of it. Again, you don't notice that stuff until after finishing. It was beginning to get light. A quick change of shoes and a cool down back to the college where we did DST (dynamic strength training) in the climbing gym. The workout was complete by 8 am. Awesome.

Back at the house I let Drake out for his crap and gave him breakfast. While I ate my own (scrambled eggs and a fruit/peanut butter smoothie), I became computer-consumed and began working. An hour later, I was annoyed at my lack of good recovery so I showered and followed that with a 40-minute nap. Feelin' stellar.

Just another day, up before the sun.


  1. I had to use my indiglo on my watch yesterday morning in order to see my splits for my 1k repeats on the track yesterday...felt badass and like a crazoooooo.

  2. If I was ever to construct a "you know your a runner when..." list- that would be on it. :)

  3. I think you should tell us what that delicious looking bread is, and what kind of liquid is in your cup!

    Jayne-do it. Make that list.

  4. Simply Apple, apple juice. And my own twist on a traditional fav, pumpkin bread.

  5. Sorry Andrija you are now a featured blog on fl-races. Call my attorney if you want it removed.


  6. Andrija! you are amazing! i love it...and all the Mark Twain quotes too. thanks for writing this blog. I really enjoy it!