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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturdays are NOT for sleeping in...

When the alarm went off this morning at 5:15 am I was actually kind of excited. Kinda sick, I know. But the week has been a mish-mash of routine for me and I was ready for a sense of normalcy. It has been College of Idaho break time, so Pat does not have to get up early and thus, I don't either. It never hit me as poignantly as it did this week how much I rely on running being BOTH of our daily focus. I feel lucky.

Back to my point, I am a morning runner. I don't care if it's an easy run, a long run, a workout, whatever...I prefer to get up and get it out of the way. Running in the late morning and early afternoon this week has been the pits with no one to blame but myself. So, when Pat gave his college girls the early morning option this morning I jumped on it.

I love running on the track in the dark. First, it makes you feel like a bad ass to be working out that early. Second, it feels easier to run in the dark. Third, we had glow stick bracelets! I had a blast with this workout, 10 x 600 cutdowns with 1:00 standing rest between. I started at 2:09 and cut down to 1:56 with most of them between 1:58-2:02. I felt strong, rhythmic, and in control. Love that combination.

My training schedule this past week:
Sunday-long run
Monday-easy + drills + dynamic strength training (DST)
Tuesday-easy + weights
Wednesday-workout (8K progressive on a 2K grass loop) + 60 min yoga
Thursday-easy + DST
Friday-easy (secondary long run) + weights
Saturday-workout (10 x 600 w/1:00 rest b/w) + DST + 60 min yoga

I feel good about:
-getting back into my yoga routine
-lifting & dst mix
-GREAT workouts, fast and fluid
-amount of sleep I have been getting

I did not feel good about:
-running later on Monday & Tuesday, felt like poop
-not hydrating enough
-piriformis issue bothering me

Overall, the week was stellar, training wise. And I am ready to do it all over again this week. Woot! Woot!

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