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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pie Week Kick Off!

Yesterday marked the beginning of 'pie week'. The idea originated when I was in Virginia last  month for the Virginia Beach Rock n' Roll half-marathon. I was working a booth for Oiselle Running. I have a good friend, Mary Ashburn, in Richmond whom I visited while I was in the area. Long story short, she and her significant other had the idea of having a 'pie week' and asked me if I would like to do so, remotely. Pie? All week? Uh...duh! Of course, I did.

And so, beginning last night it is a-pie-a-day for a week. Last night was taco pie-an old favorite in my family. Perfect runner's food. Cornmeal crust filled with a blend of ground turkey, kidney beans, tomatoes, onion, and delicious spices. Accompanied with a spinach-pear-avocado salad. Perfect! This week I am throwing caution to the wind, I am allowing myself one piece of each pie and the rest I will share. For the most part, I try to follow the Paleo diet, but this week-slight deviation.

Pie Schedule
Tuesday: Chess Pie
Wednesday: Shepard's Pie
Thursday: Pumpkin Pie
Friday: Apple Pie
Saturday: Key Lime Pie

Tune in for more all this week!

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