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Saturday, November 27, 2010 what?

Well, those nagging issues in my lower legs? One of those turned out to be something. I kept trying to run last week and was fairly successful at masking the pain but finally it was too much and I went into my PT, Mike Devitt. He confirmed what I was dreading, stress fracture in my right fibula. Remedy: Crutches for one week to speed up the healing and 6 weeks of NO running. There is no denying that I cried bitterly on and off for about 24 hours. I went from devastation to determination and have firmly accepted my current state of affairs.

Diagnosis was on Wednesday. I had run that morning through gritted teeth-I did not know it would be my final run in many weeks. You always forget how much you love and rely on running until it is taken away. I am missing it now. Thanksgiving morning I woke early and hit the recumbent bike and weights. Then I went to Ontario for the Turkey Trot and watched Pat and friends race in the freezing cold. Friday was on the recumbent again and this afternoon I joined the YMCA for a month and did an hour of aqua jogging. It is so odd to sweat while you are in the pool. Feels odd. While I was lifting weights, my muscles were shaking-it cracked me up. Leg is a bit sore now.

I suppose if I have to miss training, there is no better time than now. With my focus on the track I should be ready to roll in plenty of time if I can just be patient with my comeback. It is certainly not worth sacrificing my ultimate goals due to impatience. I believe this to be my biggest weakness. Apparently it is time to work on it.


  1. Unfortunately, as a runner, we all have to go through injury is seems, but it only makes you appreciate the days when it all comes together and you are feeling good. I am just coming off of 10 weeks in the pool, aqua jogging only... it goes by faster than you think. Be patient and trust that it will work out. You are a strong women and an inspiration. Can't wait to race you this spring. :)

  2. Thanks Marci, I just saw this comment. Ah, yes aqua running has become my friend. I find that although I miss running it was a much needed, forced break. Looking forward to racing you as well. Let's plan on it.