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Friday, January 14, 2011

Renewed appreciation.

I ran for 12 minutes yesterday...pain-free. Big deal, I know. While 12 minutes may not seem all that thrilling to you, it sure is to me at this point.

Not only have I run 4 days of the past 6 but every run makes my leg feel better. My fears are beginning to subside although the wariness continues. I will feel a whole lot better once I get my first workout under my belt.

I realized this week how much I enjoy the strength training aspect of my training-whether it is lifting, yoga, or DST I enjoy the process. I love how strong it makes me feel. I love how it defines my muscles. I love how it aids my running. I even love that shaky feeling I get when I push my body just a little harder than it wants to go.

Sitting in a little cafe in Bozeman, MT right now-the Home Page drinking a delightful cup of coffee and listening to this little toddler holler her head off because "I don't LIKE tomatoes!!" At almost 5,000 feet in elevation Bozeman is home to Montana State University and a great place to train. My friend, Julie, lives and trains here and I am thinking it would be an excellent place to spend a few weeks this summer, training. Who's with me?

Today, I am on the top of my world looking out ahead and liking what I see.


  1. When are you coming to M-town/P-town? I like yoga too...I've been on it for the past few days. It was one of my new years goals (that's right, not resolutions), to do some yoga once per day.

    I've never spent time in Montana and I have no plans for the summer except for some Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark exploring to do. Maybe MSU has a good teaching program....

  2. Yea! So glad to hear you are healing and able to run again. It was so good to see you in HI, even if things were a little crazy!

    Have a great weekend, and give Pat our love. Love, Sadie