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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going to the dogs.

I have never understood the phrase, "going to the dogs" as it seems to imply negativity and I have seen more negativity from the human species than I ever have from dogs. In fact, there are a several key lessons that I have learned from my dog, Drake, that I try to incorporate into my training.

  1. Up with the sun, down with the sun- that's right, when the sun comes up Drake is up and ready to go- unstoppable energy flows and a new day of training to be the neighborhood squirrel killer begins. But, as soon as the sun goes down you will find him passed out on his bed after a long day of living with enthusiasm-prepping for the next day of training.
  2. Napping guru- this one is difficult for me with my go,go,go, Go, GO! state of mind. However, sometimes I glance out the window and Drake will be frantically prancing around under a tree yipping at a squirrel taunting him and the next minute I will look again and Drake will be passed out in the sun-napping. 
  3. Always ready and willing- unbridled enthusiasm for the day. Ready to do what it takes, to put in the work, to do all the extras. Drake epitomizes this. Not only does his body shake with pure excitement when I reach for his running leash but he never complains about how he feels-he just does it. Whatever IT is.
  4. Excitement over food- while I will not be taking his lead as to how QUICKLY to eat, watching Drake eat reminds me to think of food not only as fuel but as pure joy. A necessity of a life well lived and training well aided.
  5. Always trying, never give up- stop in the middle of a run because he is tired? NEVER. It is not in his blood to give up-come adverse weather, thirst, hunger, pain, it is nothing compared to the pleasant exhaustion that comes from hard work.
  6. When you gotta go, you gotta go- anyone who knows me might understand why I throw this one in here. Pop-a-squat, but be quick about it. 20 seconds max. And in some cases, don't stop-it will dry. 

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  1. Love your post. I'm just glad #7 wasn't barefoot running. ;)