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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring!! hail!!!

As I hunkered down inside the maintenance shed at Caldwell high this afternoon - waiting out the sudden snow pellet storm - I couldn't help but laugh. Twenty minutes earlier I had been in the middle of my warm up, excited about the calm, cool, sunny weather - perfect for my 2 x 3k track workout. As I ran through my drills and strides the wind whipped up around me and the sky suddenly darkened.

Within a few minutes the sky opened up and hammered me with hard, round snow pellets. I started to move toward the start line, I mean after all what's a little snow, but it HURT! and the wind was frantic. Pat hollered at me to wait it out under cover so I ran to the open shed to do just that. Soon the ground was covered in a random blanket of hurried white. And ten minutes later the sky brightened and the sun glared against the wet track. I love the Spring!

Three laps into my first 3k I shed my top layer and was running in shorts, tank top, and long, pink, compression socks. Did I mention, I love the Spring? 11:10 - 4:00 rest - 10:48. In the bag and aside from a slight breeze... perfect. Two minutes into my warm down, the sky began to darken so I quickly ran through my hurdle mobility drills and got another six minutes of running before mother nature worked her madness once again. This time I watched from my car, shaking my head with a smile on my face. Take THAT, Spring!

Side note: This morning I ran a 2 x 2 mile relay with a friend. Was supposed to just chill and use it as my secondary run....ummmm....I ran 4 miles in around 22 minutes. Oops! That made things a little more difficult this afternoon. I can be lame sometimes. Legs are unhappy. Kind of annoyed with myself at my stupidity. But, live and learn.

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