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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Products that I love.

There are certain products that I love and believe in. Whether they make my running easier, more enjoyable, or just plain better, these products have stood the test of time by yours truly and come out victorious!

1) KT tape - I credit KT tape with finally curing my plantar fasciitis - once and for all. It has also been key for a number of other minor injuries and currently helping me through a posterior shin issue. Plus, it comes in cool colors.

2) Handful bra A sports bra never looked so good! I love this bra for running, wearing with my favorite t-shirt, using on it's own in hot yoga, and above all for avoiding the dreaded nippage in any setting.

3) Oiselle apparel I swear, this love is real. Yes, I am lucky enough to be sponsored by this rad company but I put this highly functional and fashionable apparel to the test every day. And every day I am satisfied with it's performance and more importantly, my performance in it (here is one of my favorites, the Roga short).

4) Nuun My go-to electrolyte replacement drink. I am drinking it as I write this. Lots of flavor choices but my favorite is tri-berry and banananuun. It makes hydrating easier for me.

5) Think Thin Protein Bar - An easy way to get your post-workout protein in a not-so-chalky bar. This bar spells immediate recovery for me with 230 calories, zero sugar, 20 grams of protein, and gluten free - along with loads of vitamins and minerals. I am a big fan of the dark chocolate flavor. Not a huge fan of the name but love the product.

6) Bone-Up - I take a few supplements regularly - fish oil, vitamin D, calcium, and iron. But when I was taken down with a stress fracture at the end of 2010, I talked with Mike Johnson (Western Oregon University's head track & field coach) after a failed attempt at running after 7 weeks off - he suggested Bone-Up. Within a week I was running again with no bone pain and a visit to the PT confirmed the bone healed. I have discontinued taking my separate vit D and calcium supplements and instead take 4 Bone-Up capsules per day. Great find, especially for the female runner.

7) Paleo Diet for Athletes This book is my guide to nutrition. Although, I don't follow it to the "t" I try to abide by the guidelines and believe it has made a world of difference in my recovery and in my lean muscle development.

8) Brooks T6 (now the T7) - Hands down the best racing flat I have ever worn. Perfect for track workouts, road races, or any time you just want to feel and be FAST! I remember the first race I wore these shoes in, a road 5K back in 2005. Never had I finished a race an not had sore calves
until this race. I credit the racers and have continued to use them with great success.

9) Foam roller How could I get through a list like this and not mention the foam roller, a staple in my training routine since about 2005. It was first introduced to me by my physical therapist, Mike Devitt - video link for foam roller exercises - and with almost daily use, my IT bands and calves stay happy and healthy. 

There are several other training "aids" that I use on a regular basis, such as, yoga, high-potency iron, and napping to name a few. But, how about you? What keeps your body healthy and happy?


  1. Andrija I love this! Thanks for posting all this info. Hey I have a few questions....does the sports bra provide enough support? The straps are so thin that was my first thought when I saw it. Also, you mentioned that the protein bars are a runner, do you try to watch your gluten intake? I have never heard of the "nuun" drinks it sort of like gatorade/powerade? Would you take it the same times you would normally drink gatorade/powerade? Thanks again - I loved this post!


  2. I am SO with you on Oiselle gear (can't live without their Distance Shorts) and the foam roller. I'm going to have to try a few of the others - like the Think Thin protein bar and the Nuun sports drink. Thanks a ton for the post. I love trying new things!

  3. Hey Natalie! For larger chested gals Handful is def more of a walking, gym, yoga bra. I am a 32C though and it works great for me. As far as gluten goes, I don't try to stay away from it necessarily for training purposes but I am slightly allergic and also I try to follow Paleo diet - little to no grains. Nuun is tons better than sugary gatorade/powerade. Basically calorie free with all essential electrolytes, etc. But it is basically a hydration and rehydration thing-not a performance aid like gatorade and so on can be used for. Hope you are well!