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Saturday, June 4, 2011

And then it's gone...

I always remind myself at the beginning of the summer that it will pass quickly and furiously. And it does. Just when I think there is loads of time for all the lovely, daring, and fascinating things that I want to do, POOF, it's gone. Thus, to try and capture and enjoy every note of the summer I am compiling a list of what these glorious months mean to me.

Summer to me is many things, but here are just a few:
- Crack of dawn summer runs to beat the heat.
- Saturday morning yoga in the park.
- Crisp, cool, and refreshing G & T's nearly every day.

- Dusty parking lots full of pre-funkers at outdoor concerts and festivals (Braun Brothers Reunion is my all time high of the summer).
- Long, warm nights around the fire pit playing music and talking with friends.
- Drake's constant panting to cool himself off and the way he collapses with drama on the wood floor when it's just too hot.

- Annual fourth of July hiking trip to Boulder Lake, especially when Jesse is there - because he hikes like I do...FAST.
- Any moment with the Saunders clan.
- Watching my garden go from tiny little plants to luscious full-grown
food-producing machines - nothing like biting into a tomato warmed by a 90+ degree day or using freshly harvested basil to cook with.
- Camping at Wildhorse.

I think I could go on but I am going to stop there. I want YOU to compile a list of what summer means and remember, summer can feel like it will last forever and then . . . it's gone.

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